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The many emotions one might feel.

A simply rendered face against a plain white background conveys so much. Beginning with the basics, Corchin draws a large, wide smile on a bright, yellow face (“Sometimes I feel happy”). With a flip of the page, that face turns blue, tears welling and dripping down (“Sometimes I feel sad”). Another page turn: The face is deep red, with downturned eyebrows and a shouting mouth (“Sometimes I feel angry and want to be bad”). Each face helps readers identify a possible emotion, but the intriguing twist in this exploration of emotional literacy is the variety included, such as guilt, pride, shame, awe, and disgust. There is even a portrayal of feeling “plaid,” or not quite having an accurate description for what’s going on inside. Corchin doesn’t shy away from delving deep; however, the text simply names the mood—young listeners will likely need to continue the conversations with their caregivers. Just what does “I might even judge you” mean? Happily, many activity suggestions and prompts are appended at the end. Caregivers and educators will delight: an expert tool for social-emotional learning and helping children to read nonverbal cues. Simultaneously publishing is I Feel…Different, and I Feel…Awesome follows close behind, on Nov. 3.

A lighthearted, goofy way to help children to own their feelings. (Picture book. 3-6)

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The “I Feel” books, written and illustrated by DJ Corchin are a collection of children’s picture books which address feelings from varying perspectives. In this series children can explore their feelings, from illness to joy and everything in between.  Corchin is spot-on and refreshingly honest. Kids feel. Sometimes they just need to know it’s acceptable to feel the way they do. Maybe they feel crummy, maybe they feel happy, but their feelings are all valid.  The author addresses a myriad of feelings and does so in a way that is both supportive and uplifting.  Expressive and whimsical illustrations help complete the package in this collection of books which are genuine and highly relatable.

Children experience a roller-coaster of emotions every day.  While they are often expected to keep their emotions in check, it’s important they understand that what they feel is totally natural.  The children’s book,I Feel, shows kids it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to feel the way they do.

I Feel Awesome is a terrific book for youngsters. This children’s picture book ever-so-subtly encourages kids to work hard, do good and make good choices, and in the end they will feel awesome for having done so.  Author DJ Corchin addresses topics such as eating vegetables, helping friends and even including outsiders; and reveals that the effort is worthwhile and rewarding.

I Feel Different is a great book for teaching young children to embrace those traits and characteristics which make them unique.  All about who you are inherently, how you act, and who you choose to be, this book is fun and uplifting with a positive message for young readers.
In theI Feel Sick book, everything from tummy aches to sore throats... and even hospital visits are addressed with the overall message being that everyone gets sick sometimes, but it’s okay because the people who really love you will still love you when you’re sick.

I Feel Too! is a delightful book which will inspire kids to show genuine appreciation and admiration for what others do. Want to teach your kid to be supportive and encourage others? This is your book. Page after page of lively compliments will give kids solid examples of fun ways to show recognition for the people in their lives.

The I Feel books are terrific for youngsters and highly recommended for home and school libraries as well as for classroom reading.

Megan Maiero, LCPCChild and Adolescent Therapist.

The "I Feel" book series is always one of the first books the children reach for in my office! I love how the children connect to the emotions of each character and can improve their emotional vocabulary with the assistance of this series. These books can be very beneficial to parents, educators, counselors, and school social workers with helping to initiate the conversation with children about the wide range of emotions in a language that children can relate to.

Katherine Lewis, MSW, LMSW

The “I Feel…” book series are engaging, creative, and an absolutely perfect resource for developing affective expression skills amongst children. As a mental health professional within a residential treatment facility, I work predominately with children ages 5-12 who lack the ability to identify internal feeling states, as well as lack the vocabulary to express different types of emotions or intensities of feelings as a result of behavioral, developmental, or trauma related diagnosis. The book series allows for the exploration of feelings in an age-appropriate and appealing manner, in which the children I work with have grown to label, express, and identify feelings in themselves and others through story telling and adjunct activities.  The bright and fun images are interesting and alluring, keeping the youth’s attention throughout the story. The simplistic and direct writing allows for the personalization of the material. The opportunities to utilize these stories are limitless- develop social skills, reinforce affect management, promote positive self-concept, and most importantly they have become a vehicle to build positive engagement and alignment within therapy sessions. Thank you DJ Corchin for your outstanding work—I would highly recommend!

Kevin O’Brien, Executive DirectorMary Meyer School, Chicago IL

The “I Feel…” series of books has been an asset to my preschool! We’ve used several of the books as part of our curriculum to discuss feelings and friendship. The colorful illustrations and easy to understand text are perfect for our three and four year old students. The emotional core of the books allows us to introduce vocabulary words and to talk about the myriad of feelings that all children -- and adults -- feel.  The various contextual components of each book provides an opportunity to not only introduce feelings, but to dig deeper into the “what” and the “why” of feeling the way that you do.


The series has helped our preschool classes develop a self-awareness of not only their own feelings but those of their friends. This deepened understanding takes our community to a more collaborative place and helps us to be emotionally stronger and more aware of those around us.

The children were enrapt by the colorful words and illustrations and the discussions that led us to share our own feelings.  The educational opportunities that come with these books are as plentiful as the enjoyment our students have in the reading of them.


I Feel…grateful to DJ Corchin for this very special book series.

Reader Letter

Hi, I don't know if you remember me but I stopped by your booth on Saturday and bought one of your books...I was walking by and spotted the I Feel...Different book and when I started flipping through it I started to tear up a bit. I felt like maybe I should explain.

My son was diagnosed with Aspergers 3 years ago and all of his therapist's told me not to tell him about the diagnosis. So for the past few years I have kept it from him. I recently decided it was in his best interest to know. So I have been struggling daily with some of the things he says about himself...Like "why can't I just be normal" and "why do I have to be this way". I think just flipping through your book brought it all to the surface and gave me the clever words that may help him feel better and understand that everyone is different in many ways. He goes back to school tomorrow and I can't wait to read this to him at bedtime tonight. And every night.

With love