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The I Feel... Children's Book Series has been celebrated by therapists, psychologists, teachers, and parents as wonderful tools to help discuss how to deal with emotions. They’ve been used in doctor’s offices, classrooms, and in special needs curriculum to explore the complex world of feelings. The fun, witty illustrations make it easy for kids to identify behaviors and emotions while the strategic vocabulary is perfect for specialists and speech language pathologists. Each book in the series is behavior based and has an emotional theme beyond just being “happy” or “sad.” Themes such as “Being kind will help you feel good” or “The things that make you different are what makes you unique and special” help connect those individual feelings. The I Feel…Children’s Series is the perfect way for any child to begin exploring emotions whether through the colorful drawings, meaningful text, or playful metaphors. They’re sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

  • I Feel...

    I Feel... helps start the conversation around all the different emotions, but most importantly that it's ok to feel them all. With simple illustrations that are great for facial recognition, a focus on one moment on a time, and activities at the end this is the perfect introduction to start talking about feelings!

  • I Feel... Anxious

    Sometimes I feel anxious. Sometimes I feel worries. And sometimes these unsettling feelings can grow until they feel totally overwhelming! It's hard to feel this way but there are lots of things to do to help me feel better. I'll just take it one step at a time. I Feel... Anxious provides the words to begin talking about some of the most difficult things that make kids anxious.

  • I Feel... Angry

    Featured in Tom Hanks' A Man Called Otto!

    I Feel...Angry helps discuss what you may do when you feel angry as well as some suggestions on how to calm down. The activities at the end provide ways to continue the discussion. It was one of the most requested topic to discuss and is now part of the award winning series!

  • I Feel... Awesome

    I Feel...Awesome adds another wonderful title to the extremely popular I Feel... Children's Book Series. It explores in its signature rhyme style how doing good things can make you feel well...awesome! Sharing, caring, and being responsible are all lessons to be learned. I Feel...Awesome helps the discussion in a fun and witty way with clever, simple illustrations that kids love.

  • I Feel... Sick

    I Feel...Sickaddresses the common illnesses that come with being a kid. Sometimes, you just don't feel well. Your belly aches or your eyes are itchy, and you can't go outside to play. But even when you're not feeling your best, your friends and family love you and will take care of you.

    Sometimes I feel sick.

    Sometimes my head aches.

    Sometimes my nose runs...all over my face.

  • I Feel... Too!

    I Feel...Too! addresses the unique feeling of joy we get when we make others happy. With fun, witty illustrations and simple, straightforward text, these books make it easy for kids to identify their own emotions—and have fun too.

    It's great to make someone else feel good, and when we make someone else happy we can share in the happiness, too!

  • I Feel... Allergic

    Having an allergy or a dietary restriction can often leave kids feeling left out or frustrated—and often they're unable to express or work through their frustration.

    I Feel... Allergic is a simple, silly book that addresses allergies from mild to severe. With fun, witty illustrations and simple, straightforward text, kids with allergies will feel seen and understood, and their friends will learn that allergies are just one part of a whole person.

  • I Feel... Something

    Sometimes our bodies send us signals that are hard to define and express. What do we do when we feel…hungry? When our arms are tingly and uncomfortable? When we have an itch?

    With fun, witty illustrations and simple, straightforward text, I Feel...Something introduces kids to the concept of interoception (the ability to understand the signals our body sends us). This book makes it easier for kids to identify and express those bodily signals—and have fun too.

  • I Feel... Meh

    Sometimes you just feel...meh. You don't really feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. You're not even sure how you're feeling inside. Is that bad?

    With fun, witty illustrations and simple, straightforward text, I Feel...Meh tackles apathy—recognizing it as a valid emotion, while also offering practical steps to get you out of your emotional slump. It's the perfect way for kids—and adults—who are feeling gray to find some joy again!

  • I Feel... Different

    I Feel...Different helps kids understand that sometimes we feel different than everyone else, and that's okay! Everyone is different in their own special way, but sometimes that can make us feel odd or left out. It's important to remember that our differences are what make us who we are, and that's wonderful!

  • I Feel... Lonely

    Sometimes, kids just feel lonely and they don't know what to do about it.I Feel...Lonely helps kids identify complicated feeling of loneliness and reassures them that it's alright to feel this way sometimes, and that this feeling will eventually pass.

    Sometimes I feel lonely.

    Like I don't have a friend.

    So I head to my room

    And start to pretend...

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