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"I really appreciate DJ's Social-Emotional lessons that he delivers to students. As schools recognize the importance of SEL in their classrooms, DJ's presentations certainly fill a need and speak to the incredible power of life lessons about resilience, seizing opportunities, and following their passions."

Nicole Hebson - Dean of Students, Lakes Community High School


"DJ Corchin was incredibly engaging with the students.  He brings an energy to a virtual presentation that is not always easy and the students responded with full engagement!  DJ's book A Thousand No's has a very relevant message for our students in today's virtual world.  Often times students struggle to stay motivated and DJ's message challenged them to take those negative things in their world right now and find the positives! Our students particularly liked seeing the pages of DJ's books presented along with the process of how he wrote them. The early copies compared to the final products were awesome. DJ shared the story about talking to one of his favorite authors and said that he wanted to be a writer- but it was brought to his attention that he already was a writer. His phrase "Do What you Want to Be" showed the kids that what they do makes them be whatever it is they want to be!  Our school can't wait to invite him back to share his stories with more students."

 Jennifer Silasiri - 5th Grade Teacher - Woodland Intermediate


"DJ Corchin visited Lowellville Elementary virtually. Students K-6 were a captive audience as DJ told about his personal experiences and adventures in becoming an author. He read his book "A THOUSAND No's" through the voice of a writer, which opened the door for many follow-up activities by the teachers and families! He was so kind, relatable and inspiring. He got us thinking and wondering! An author that all need to see, hear and enjoy!"

Mary Ann Davis, - Literacy Coach, Lowellville Elementary School.


"DJ's virtual presentation to my fourth graders was inspiring and motivating for my students to hear.  They could relate to the topics and enjoyed talking to a real author.  A Thousand No's is a heartwarming book!  The message his books display about contributing to the world and finding an outlet when you are feeling frustrated are topics the students could relate to. I loved how he told the students they didn't need permission to be anything they wanted, but that it could take practice to be good at what you decide. Four-star presentation!!!"

Catherine A. Maestri - Knox County Schools - Fourth Grade Teacher - Hardin Valley Elementary