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Band Nerds: The Game

Band Nerds: The Game

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Band Nerds: The Game. Get the starter deck. 

For Ages 13+

3+ players (meant to be played with fellow band members or band alumni)

From The 13th Chair, creator of The Band Nerds Book Series comes BAND NERDS: THE GAME. The best game to ever exist!

If you're in band or a band alumni, this game can physically replace your heart inside your chest and you would gain superpowers. Meant to be played with fellow band members!

Play it in the band room after school, in the back of the bus (instead of doing those other things you do there), in the hotel during a trip, 20 years after graduation while reminiscing about “the good old days,” or whenever you get the band nerd bug. 

With 3 ways to play, and the "dynamics" of the game-changing depending on the player, it never gets old.

Band Nerds: The Game is about the hilarious, inspirational, and maybe slightly (read “almost definitely”) embarrassing stories about your time in the band. Show NO MERCY!

Visit to look at the instructions.

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